Pro Series: Thought Leader

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This premiere package includes everything included in the Virtual Professional kit, along with adding a rack of gear to turn your camera into a full fledged TV studio that you control at the push of a button.

The included camera gear package changes the way you engage with your audience. A high definition camera puts the focus on you. The large “soft” LED panel puts you in your best light. The studio microphone keeps your message loud and clear. And most importantly, hiding the camera behind the one-way mirror means you can finally build trust with real eye contact.

The addition of the studio gear package allows you to take your setup to the next level by adding Live TV Studio features to your setup at the push of a button. This includes custom designed rack of gear with all the hardware needed to add engaging live graphic overlays, video playback, RGB Lighting Control and more, all while recording in Full HD to the included 1TB Solid State media.