From Video Production
to Studio Production


Ryan Grams

As the creative force behind Studio Upgrade, Ryan has charted a remarkable journey through the evolving landscape of video production.

With over two decades of experience creating compelling content for powerhouses like Google, Walmart, General Mills, UPS, and Ferrari, the onset of the pandemic marked a pivotal moment for Ryan.

It was then he shifted his focus, founding Studio Upgrade to address the burgeoning need for professional-grade virtual communication. While at the forefront of enabling individuals and organizations to master their online presence, we now offer an array of services from online courses and pre-built kits to bespoke high-end studios.

The Mission

Studio Upgrade represents Ryan's mission to democratize access to high-quality content creation, ensuring that the transition to virtual platforms is both seamless and sophisticated.

Our philosophy is this: start with what you have and focus on the artistry of communication rather than the accumulation of equipment. Whether guiding beginners to confidently press 'record' or advising seasoned professionals on refining their digital stages, we're here to make the journey of enhancing virtual presence not just achievable, but enjoyable and impactful.

Our Team

Ryan Grams


Lissa Ingaldson


Josh Palmer


Max Kilsdonk


Danna Gilbertson

Project Management

Brian Karoff


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