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Thought Leader Kit

This top-of-the-line package is our absolute best pre-built kit because of the Studio Case. This case is packed full of gear that turns your cameras into a full-fledged TV studio that you control at the push of a button!

Add engaging graphic overlays, video playback, RGB Lighting Control and more to your studio, all while recording in Full HD to the included 1TB Solid State media.

Includes 2 cameras and teleprompters, 1-4 mics, 2 LED lights, button controller, a switcher, RGB lights, a monitor, and 5 hours of setup and training time with a member of our support team.

Content Creator Kit

Designed specifically for content creators, this package includes all the essentials for producing high-quality content. With top-notch lighting, 4K cameras with face-tracking autofocus, and a cinema-quality microphone, your content will look and sound fantastic!

Includes 2 cameras and teleprompter(s), a microphone, 2 LED lights, and a 2 Hour Consultation with one of our technicians to build your kit and dial in your lighting, mic placement, and background.



Tech was easy, set up was easy,
plenty of time for questions and answers.

Tim Lamb

Cedar Rapids, IA


After my install, I've
increased conversions 10X.
It paid for itself in less than 60 days!

Eric Mitchell

San Diego, CA


After working with Ryan,
I felt confident and fired up!
Now I have higher quality video content
and a better leadership brand.

Author name

Los Angeles, CA


Since each kit is made-to-order, from the moment you purchase, it takes about 3 weeks for us to get the kit to you, if you're delivering to the USA.

The cost of our kits depends on each individual order. We provide customized solutions tailored to your specific needs, which include personalized consultations and expert guidance. This ensures that you get the most effective and efficient setup for your unique requirements, making the investment in our kits a valuable and worthwhile choice. Contact us for a quote, today!

You'll know our kit is for you if you're looking to streamline your content creation process with professional-grade equipment and expert guidance. Whether you're a solo creator, small team, thought leader, or new media professional, our kits are designed to empower you to produce high-quality content independently. If you're seeking to elevate your digital presence and storytelling capabilities, our kits are tailored to meet your needs effectively and efficiently.

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