Did someone say RELAUNCH?

Did someone say RELAUNCH?
Brace yourself, because we have three major updates to share with you. Our brand, our product, and our community - it's a big upgrade all round. And yes, let's start with our brand.
A New Identity
We started CALL Upgrade three years ago with the mission of helping leaders like you “show up” in a virtual world. 
Which is the reason we chose the name CALL Upgrade (you know, “Let’s Upgrade your Zoom Calls!”). Some of you also know that C.A.L.L. stands for Camera, Audio, Lighting, and Location. This name has served us well when speaking about upgrading the quality of your Zoom calls because no one is safe from a crappy webcam.

Interestingly, you started using your gear to create content as well, and we noticed. And as the world shifted, the need to stand out as a thought leader in your content grew exponentially. So, we too shifted gears.
So our first major update is this: We're evolving from CALL Upgrade to...

Studio Upgrade! It's not just about enhancing your calls anymore; it's about helping you create a multi-purpose studio that caters to all your content creation needs.
And it just so happens that we're also launching a slew of new offerings alongside this rebrand that we've been developing over the past year. Coincidence? I think not. 😜
Introducing the Studio Upgrade Pro Series
We’re upgrading our CALL Upgrade Pro kit! We're thrilled to announce the Studio Upgrade Pro Series. This adaptable studio underscores our movement from enhancing Zoom calls to catalyzing content creation. Catering to all—from Virtual Pro to Podcaster, Content Creator, or Thought Leader—we've got a configuration made just for you. Alongside a camera, mic, and lighting kit, this suite can even incorporate a Live Television Production Studio, fitted with a custom 32-button controller for on-the-fly adjustments to graphics, videos, and lighting, all at the push of a button. Let me introduce you to…

Drawing from our experiences of setting up high-end studios over the last 18 months, we've condensed the best elements into this single gear suite. Pretty suite* right? (Sorry, I can’t help myself!)
Join Our Community
Since our inception, we envisioned a community of learners, a hive of creativity and innovation. Today, I’m excited to tell you that over the comings weeks we’ll be launching our brand-new website featuring a vibrant community forum, group coaching, live and recorded courses, and more. Want in?
Onward and Upward with Studio Upgrade
Wahoo! You're getting the first look at our exciting new journey, and we're ecstatic to see where it will lead us. Expect updates, exclusive offers, and insightful tips and tricks designed to propel your journey forward. Here's to a new chapter.
Thank you for being a part of it!

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