It's finally happening!!! More real human interactions.

It's finally happening!!! More real human interactions.
Wahoo! Seriously. Here at CALL Upgrade and Uptop Films, we’ve definitely taken the opportunity to meet in-person more frequently, though we still leverage our ability to be more efficient with our time (and gas tanks) by continuing to do the majority of our meetings virtually.
What has your experience been? Have most of your meetings moved back to in-person? Are you leveraging virtual meetings to allow for more flexibility with your time?
Either way, we’ve noticed that it’s really easy to revert to old habits. While I sure hope you haven’t accidentally showed up to an in-person without pants, let’s always remember to hit that mute button before biting into a crunchy snack. Also, did you know you can level up your presence with some Rock/Paper/Scissors? And most importantly, let’s all remember to breathe
I hope you’re enjoying our fun tips and tricks! What other topics would you like to hear about? And of course, if you’re looking to level up your setup, you know who to call.

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