I can see you’re distracted…

I can see you’re distracted…
Have you ever experienced this? I was on Zoom with a prospect the other day, and the entire meeting she was looking way off to the left side. Even though I knew she was just looking at the Zoom window on her second monitor, I couldn’t help but feel like she was rather distracted. In an effort to be “a student of my own experience” (thanks, René!), I asked myself how I could be sure to never project that “distracted” feeling to anyone I’m meeting with.

Of course, using the teleprompter in my CALL Upgrade Pro makes this much easier, but I’m not always at my desk. So I’ve decided to be very intentional about placing my Zoom window as close to my webcam as I possibly can, stealing glances to make sure I can continue to read their body language throughout the meeting.

When looking away from your camera, you appear distracted, causing your audience to subconsciously feel unimportant. Inversely, looking directly at your camera helps to build trust, keep their attention, AND it shows that you are actively listening to their message!

Just another tip for you in our world of ever-evolving communication standards. Oh, and make sure to dial back your touch up while you’re at it. We all know you didn’t “wake up like this”. 😜

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