Ryan here! Hey, you're not gonna believe this. it’s been TWO YEARS since I decided to risk it all and launch CALL Upgrade. I can hardly believe it myself.

While building and shipping our CALL Upgrade Pro kits around the country continues to be a ton of fun, the most exciting challenge has been designing and building our CALL Upgrade Studios. Seeing leaders without any previous pro video experience use their self-run video studio to push the limits of what’s possible, puts a giant smile on my face. They’re podcasting, coaching, presenting, live-streaming, and recording content, and sometimes all at once!

Honestly, the level at which so many of you continually put out educational, informative, and certainly entertaining content has absolutely challenged the way that I think about my own content creation. Personally, one of the most important lessons I’ve learned is this:

Rather than feeling obligated to create oodles of content for oh so many platforms, we can adapt our workflows to allow what we’re already doing to be converted into several different formats.

Recording a podcast? Add a camera (or two, or three) and suddenly you can turn that 1 hour podcast into several other forms of content that meet your prospects and customers wherever they’re at. Blog posts, short form videos, and newsletters, oh my!

Coaching? Set up a dedicated vertical camera with a remote control so you can turn it into short form Instagram Reels/TikTok/YouTube Shorts. Here’s a great example from Rene Rodriguez’s setup. He has two vertical cameras in his studio, one for speaking directly to the camera, and another to record vertical content while he’s sharing the magic during a Zoom call.

Writing a newsletter? Adapt the content to a work as a short video, exactly like this one adapted from this very newsletter!

All these ideas have challenged me to continue to design solutions that allow leaders like you to capture your unique perspective at a professional level whenever inspiration strikes. As always, if you’re looking for help putting together a studio (big or small), you know where to find me.

And it sounds cliché, I know, but seriously, CALL Upgrade wouldn’t be here without you. Your support and encouragement means the world to me, and I’m extremely grateful.

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